In this section we present the possibility of choosing an Employer who will provide stable work and secure pay. Here you will find not only fair jobs, but also additional services that will increase your income and financial growth. We are trying to minimize risk and time, so all information in this section is thoroughly moderated, and Employers verify the accuracy of this information.


Job offers

It is no secret that good and stable work is one of the basic elements of everyone's life. Poland is one of the countries to which many foreigners come in search of job. Unfortunately, the way to find a decent and generous Employer can be difficult. All possible tricks and unscrupulous job intermediaries can easily hide behind amazing job offers at first sight. Job offers presented on our website are moderated and Employers carefully check the correctness of this informations. Published job offers are appropriately marked with a division into offers from the Direct Employer and the Employment Agency.

Iprofi is an Internet platform that brings together the client and the contractor. It is one of the tools designed to declare their skills and at the same time obtain extra or basic income. covers almost all areas of human activity, which extends the capabilities of both those who want to provide services and those who want to use them. The website is very easy to use in comparison to similar services. You just need to go through a short, free registration and complete your profile. Depending on how much experience and knowledge a potential customer is interested in, you will receive orders. The main advantage of is the lack of intermediaries in the contractual relationship between the client and the contractor, as well as no registration fee or interest for services provided via the platform.