The abundance of services on the financial market is enormous and if everyone in their country can analyze services and conditions on their own, migrants in Poland have difficulties with this. In this section we have gathered all the most popular, necessary and most importantly - services available specifically for migrants to use in Poland. Opening a bank account, money transfers, loans, car leasing, mortgages and others.


Money transfers

There are currently many online services that can be used to make money transfers anywhere in the world. This section contains the services we believe are the most convenient, easy to use, with low interest rates for transactions, and the best rates. In addition to these services, we will want to offer more services with a choice of languages and multilingual technical support that will be published on our website. We focus on services where transfers to former CIS countries are possible. All presented services are moderated by our portal.


Finding any kind of loan available for migrants in Poland is quite troublesome. Analyzing the complications that can be encountered when browsing through the conditions among a huge number of offers, our service decided to undertake this laborious process. Systematically analyzing the credit market in Poland, our managers choose only those financial institutions and services that are available only to migrants. Browse the offers in the credit section of our website and you may find your financial partner today.