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PobytOK Service

The PobytOK service is an internet project which is to help in adaptation and legalization of migrants in Poland. The service is equipped with a set of tools to solve typical difficulties encountered in many areas of foreigners' lifes in Poland. Job search, real estate, communication, legalization, financial services - this is just a short list of what the service offers. PobytOK was created to help all migrants, regardless of their status, age, gender or purpose of stay. We want to point out that all the necessary tools in our service are free for foreigners of charge, which in turn allows you to do without the help of expensive intermediary services. We sincerely believe that this project will help many people to avoid the difficulties that can be encountered on the road in achieving their goals.

About us

At the beginning of 2019, an idea was born to create a web portal through which all migrants could find solutions and answers to their questions. Work on the project began in 2020. We managed to develop a service that will make life as easy as possible for foreigners staying in Poland. Both migrants and Polish experts work on the project, which allows us to take into account every detail and nuance in the development of the portal. We have tried to connect almost all areas that foreigners may encounter, from the border crossing to the whole stay in Poland. One of the main tasks of the service is to minimize costs, so all necessary tools are available completely free of charge. This service will allow you to do without expensive intermediary services and will enable you to monitor your own development and stay in Poland. Our team is constantly working on new solutions to increase your capabilities.